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Friday, November 25, 2005

Insane Asylum Records

I know what you are thinking. Your sitting there saying none of my ancestors were insane, get out of here!

Well you may well be right, but take these following facts into consideration before you are certain you didn't have an ancestor in an insane asylum.

What would have seen you sent to an insane asylum years ago would seem quite unbelievable to a semi educated person today. For instance, in the 1800's you could be institutionalized for a wide variety of things: Wives and daughters who did not obey their husbands or fathers could be put away, alcoholics, depressed people, "angry people", women in menopause, people caught masturbating, and people going against the norm would also have seen their freedom and dignity evaporate before them and be sent away and institutionalized.

So as you can see, you may just be able to find one of your ancestors in a mental institution even though they really were not "insane".

Now if you believe that it is possible you may have had an ancestor or two in an insane asylum you may want to check out this site:

Insane Asylums


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